Data software: Secure and reliable software intended for investing companies

The current development of computer technology enables automating the processes of substantiation of investment decisions, thus simplifying the process of choosing the optimal alternative by the investor. However, the competitive environment generates a variety of similar software products. So, this article will analyze the Virtual Data Room as the optimal software product to justify investment decisions.

The role of Virtual Data Room for investing projects

The basis of the sustainable development of any enterprise is a systematic investment activity. Development of effective investment solutions, investment project management involves the operation of large amounts of data, the use of analytical tools with complex calculation algorithms in terms of the increasing complexity of the projects themselves, which necessitates the use of project management systems for personal computers. The use of modern information technologies will ensure the completeness, timeliness of information display of processes, the possibility of their modeling, analysis, forecasting.

Effective project management is integration planning information systems with management procedures and organizational structure. In this case, the acquisition and professional use of software like Virtual Data Room is equivalent to the successful implementation of project management in the organization.

The use of Data Room technology provides the economist with the following undeniable advantages: 

  • speed of work performance;
  • high accuracy of input information;
  • a large amount of work performed due to a large amount of memory;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • rational distribution of functions between the user and the computer.

Virtual Data Room is a software system responsible for reliable storage and data management. This is a separate subsystem, the main purpose of which is to store data with the appropriate level of reliability. From the name, it is clear that the main purpose of such systems is to provide uncompromising storage while eliminating data loss and while maintaining maximum availability and high-speed access.

iDeals Solutions – the top-rated service in the business environment

Currently, the market has a significant number of universal software alternatives. However, the iDeals Solutions Group is considered the best data room solution for investing companies. It is an international provider and developer of solutions in the field of virtual data rooms, security, search, storage, and audit of documents. The IT company operates in the SaaS segment (Software as a Service) and has more than 3,000 clients all around the world including the largest investment banks, the Big Four, and others.

iDeals Data Room is a very good choice in the VDR space, with all the possible features one can expect from the industry-leading provider of virtual data rooms. The vendor’s focus is on assisting due diligence across a variety of industries including M&A, real estate, biotechnology, and other technology areas. The features of the platform comprise the following points: 

  • data is accessed from anywhere and at any time with a connection to the global Internet;
  • settings up to eight user access rights can be applied individually or on a group basis. You can also provide users with a profile that restricts access to only certain files and folders. Every user activity can be tracked;
  • 256-bit encryption, automatic watermarks, virus protection, and many other security measures offer the best possible protection for confidential data;
  • compared to numerous competitors, iDeals works on all web browsers, operating systems, and devices without downloading plug-ins or other software such as Flash or Java. Full compatibility with cell phones is guaranteed with the help of applications for iOs and Windows;
  • iDeals offers multilingual customer support around the clock. The VDR platform is available either as a web service or integrated into the company infrastructure.