Many people wonder how to clear or delete clipboard history on Android phones. They may require to remove the clipboard history for various reasons. You should know that the clipboard of Android phones and tablets records all of the content you copied either unintentionally or intentionally.

It is an auto feature, and it will record all sorts of information, even sensitive data. For example, the clipboard of your Android phone or tablet may save your search phrases, usernames, password, etc. So, if you are worried about your privacy, you have to know how to clear clipboard content on your Android.

If you are thinking of clearing the clipboard on your Android for some reason, you are in the right place. Here you will know the method that you can use to clear the Clipboard of your Android properly and effectively.

What Is Clipboard on Android

The clipboard is a short-lived and temporary platform to store your copied items. When you copy anything on your Android phone, like images, links, and texts, it will be saved to the clipboard by default. Recently copied items will cover the Android Clipboard history. In other word, all older items you copied to clipboard will be gone automatically. Later, you can paste the quick copy remained in the Android clipboard comfortably. It is the basic knowledge you should learn before you start to clear clipboard history on Android.

Clearing Clipboard on Android

We all know about copy-paste, but it is also essential to remove some critical copied content, that you don’t want anyone to find from your Android phone. There are several reasons anyone wants to clear the Clipboard history of Android phones. The reason can be that you copied too many items, and you want to clear the unnecessary items out of your Android phone or any other purpose. No matter the reason is, you should always know how to clear the clipboard from Android.  

Android only record the last item you copied and paste, as a stock, the previous amount of data is automatically deleted. Whenever you copy any new text to paste, the last item is automatically removed from history.

How to Find Clipboard on Android Phone

Many people don’t know how to find the clipboard on Android phones. If you have the same question in your mind, then you should read out the following paragraphs to resolve the problem with great ease.

Step no. 1. Open text message application on your Android phone

Turn on your Android tablet or phone. Then open the text message application on your device. You will see various names on different Android models like Messenger, Messages, Android Messages, and Text Messages.

Step no. 2. Go to “Create a new message” option

Select the add option on the right corner of your phone screen. You will enter into a new message page. Press and hold the blank message area. You will see two options, i.e., “Clipboard” and “Paste.”

Step no. 3. Access the clipboard on your Android phone

Click on the “Clipboard” option to check all the available items. You can also “paste” option to check the most recent clipboard content.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

As we described in the above section, you already get access to all the clipboard content on your Android phone. Now you only have to do a few clicks to remove the Clipboard history from your Android mobile phone or tablet individually or entirely.

Step no. 1. Find the Clear Android clipboard option

Once you get access to the clipboard content of your Android phone, click the “clear” option located on the lower right corner of the screen. You will see 2 options, i.e., “Lock to Clipboard” and “Delete from the clipboard.”

Step no 2. Clear Android phone clipboard history programmatically

Select “Delete from clipboard” from the two options to delete that item from the clipboard of your Android phone. If you are willing to clear all the content from the Android clipboard, you can click the “Delete All” button on the top of the clipboard.