One of the simplest security software on the market is, undoubtedly, Vipre Advanced Security. Many users have noticed how convenient it is and yet manages to have a few extra features in the pack. Let’s find out everything that makes the software stand out and things that should be improved.

The peculiarities of the interface and performance

One of the things you notice first when you start using Vipre is the simplicity of the interface. It has only 3 main modules that let you manage and use all the tools in a couple of clicks. When you open the antivirus, you’ll see MyVIPRE, Account, and Manage. The latter one is the most useful as it has the categories of Antivirus, Updates, Email, Firewall, and Privacy settings. Navigating through these sections, you can reach a quarantine zone, turn on a Quiet Mode, filter emails, set up a firewall, etc.

Another unique peculiarity of the security system is its Social Watch. This tool scans your Facebook’s timeline for potential threats and removes them. You can also find quite handy the Secure File Erases which shreds files to remove it securely without leaving traces.

The performance and protection are measured by the tests of the independent labs. They state that the software scored 98.3% in detecting threats and 100% in detecting malware. However, it was observed that sometimes it fails to detect certain threats coming through Google Chrome. Yet, the results are impressively good.

Vipre Advanced Security has a feature of secure delete. It means that all viruses the software captures will be removed and leave no trace on your device.

In addition, there’s an anti-phishing system which prevents you from sharing personal information with the wrong sources. You can be sure your credit card information and identity stay safe from third-party companies that aim to steal this data.

Vipre’s advantages and disadvantages


  • It’s based on Bitdefender engines, i.e. antivirus and antispam engines have the same quality as the most popular antivirus in the world.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • It has a customizable firewall – a seldom available feature.
  • Every new user can get a free version for 30 days from the official website.


  • Most of the configurations are set and can’t be customized.
  • Slow response to the support query.
  • No identity protection, i.e. you need to purchase another software.
  • The antivirus doesn’t have webcam and microphone protection.

The verdict

It’s one of the top choices for basic protection. The users enjoy how easy it is to use this antivirus and how effective it is. However, advanced users might find it too simple and dislike the lack of configuration options. The independent tests results are very high proving that all malware will be detected and stopped. All in all, it’s a powerful antivirus system that successfully catches viruses and prevents other threats. It’s also a nice bonus to have your own firewall, social media scanner, and other tools.