Browser Opera has become one of the most popular browsers for accessing the Internet. There is a lot of controversy around this product and some users complain about it because it slows down the system. On the other hand, some say that this is a worthy product. The Opera browser VPN review presents all the basic qualities.


The home page consists of a panel with visual bookmarks. The panel itself is presented in the form of tiles, which by the way can be customized, these tiles are selected sites. These bookmarks have a certain color, often it depends on the design of the site. If you put the mouse cursor in the address bar, mini-tiles with sites that are visited most often will appear. Another necessary feature is that there is a special button, clicking on which you can see a list in which there will be all currently open tabs, it is very useful for those who like to open a bunch of tabs. Find the necessary among them is not difficult.

In the opera, there are not a small number of themes for a design that is already pre-installed. There are other, separate topics in the extension store.

The Address Bar and Search Bar

In the opera, the address bar and the search bar are combined, it is located on top. Google is pre-configured as a search engine. Rummaging through the browser settings, you can change it to whatever you need.

Browser Sections

At the bottom, there is a tape and it is in it that all sections are located. When moving from section to section, the tape remains static.

Bookmarks and Sync Service

Previously, synchronization did not work and was restored somewhere in 2015. After creating an account in the opera, you can set synchronization with other devices and synchronize bookmarks, saved passwords, tabs, etc. But add-ons cannot be synchronized.

Sidebar with Extension Buttons

This is also one of the new features. The opera extension store now has a separate unit with extensions, they can also be integrated into the side panel. They tried to provide a new feature that was in the previous version of the opera.

Private Mode

If you want nobody to know the history of your visits and searches, there is a private mode. In this mode, the browsing history is not saved, as are cookies, logins, and passwords. This is an ideal function, for example, if you have a shared computer in your home, and you need to hide your visit history, go to your pages on social networks so that passwords and the like are not saved.

Opera Turbo

This is an old opera function that has been modified. It helps with slow Internet, by compressing web pages. When this function is activated, the image quality deteriorates, the animation is removed. In this case, the flash player must be activated with a special button, if necessary.