Top 5 Antivirus Extensions You Should Add to Google Chrome

Cybercrime is growing daily and you need to do everything possible to secure yourself from such troubles. While it’s essential to get a reliable antivirus, you can boost security using other tools. For example, Google Chrome extensions can come in handy. Let’s discover the top 5 extensions you need to check out and install (at least one of them). The best Chrome extension for your security The Google Chrome market is full of various extensions and there’s a separate section for antivirus and security ones. People often use these top 5: PureVPN Trustware SecureBrowsing ZenMate Ghostery TunnelBear PureVPN protects your personal information as it uses over 750 servers in over 140 countries. In addition, you won’t lose speed and enjoy unlimited streaming. The provider also has no l

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