Top 5 Antivirus Extensions You Should Add to Google Chrome

Cybercrime is growing daily and you need to do everything possible to secure yourself from such troubles. While it’s essential to get a reliable antivirus, you can boost security using other tools. For example, Google Chrome extensions can come in handy. Let’s discover the top 5 extensions you need to check out and install (at least one of them).

The best Chrome extension for your security

The Google Chrome market is full of various extensions and there’s a separate section for antivirus and security ones. People often use these top 5:

  • PureVPN
  • Trustware SecureBrowsing
  • ZenMate
  • Ghostery
  • TunnelBear

PureVPN protects your personal information as it uses over 750 servers in over 140 countries. In addition, you won’t lose speed and enjoy unlimited streaming. The provider also has no log policy and allows you to access the information restricted in your region. Hiding your IP address, you prevent lots of threats and hacking attempts.

Trustware SecureBrowsing works in a totally different way adding security to your online activities. The tool aims to help you surf the Internet and socialize by displaying the security icons in front of every link. It works with Google and Bing searching engines. The plug-in doesn’t collect personal data. You don’t need to install any extra programs.

ZenMate VPN is an extension to secure the user’s privacy. The traffic is encrypted, the IP address is hidden, the security is delivered. You can stay anonymous and protect your data this way. This combo is great and you can also be sure your activity isn’t tracked. The company has a strict no-log policy.

Ghostery is also a popular extension that helps you get a clean, fast, and safe experience online. It detects all trackers on the website regardless of why they were added (be for advertising purposes, analytics, etc.). This extension also marks websites as you wish and automatically blocks all trackers on the suspicious pages.

You can also try TunnerBear to secure your access to a public Wi-Fi spot. Consequently, you’ll be able to bypass geo-restrictions and the ability of ads to track you. The extension gives you 500Mb free per month. If you need more, you should get a paid version.

Important facts to take into account

It’s a good idea to find out if your antivirus provider has an extension as well. Some companies include this feature in the initial pack at once while others don’t even advertise it. Using all products from one company will definitely bring better results as they complete each other instead of interfering and causing conflicts.

For instance, Avast has Avast Online Security extension. It’s designed to keep you safe when browsing the websites. The extension scans the pages for potential threats and blocks the dangerous ones. You’ll also get alerts about suspicious sites. Here you’ll be able to decide on your own whether you trust it or prefer not to take any chances.