Nowadays, we can’t imagine using PCs without antivirus software on them. They are essential for all online activities. Choosing one can be complicated due to a vast selection of options on the modern market. In this ESET Nod 32 review, we’ll go through such aspects as the ease of use, the selection of features, protection levels, and customer support.

User-friendliness as one of the key factors

It’s very easy to download and install the software. After the installation, users will see that, in general, ESET Nod 32 offers a simple design that allows intuitive navigation. Color indicators make it convenient to observe the software’s status. When the window is green, the program is active, updated. Whenever the color turns yellow or red, updates or other actions are required. Use the side panel to access the wanted features or click on the button at the bottom to start scanning.

Features available with the software

All ESET Nod 32 users get access to the following features: • A Host Intrusion Prevention System; • UEFI scanner for PC’s firmware; • Elaborate device control system; • Auto-activated game mode; • HIPS component to block exploits. Keep in mind that the control system for devices is suitable for businesses. A person can manage all devices with one main computer. Such a feature prevents data theft and some security issues, including the infestations from USB-based viruses. Despite numerous features and services, ESET sends only essential notifications. It’s extremely satisfying for people who get annoyed by numerous notifications other antivirus programs send. ESET Nod 32 is great for tech people due to numerous settings, configurations, and flexibility. However, average users can use original settings to get high-quality protection. Remember that if you need VPN services or a file shredder, you’ll have to get them separately or choose a different software provider.

Quality of security services

According to the independent test labs, the software detects and stops most malware and online threats. By choosing ESET Smart Security Premium, users get both Nod 32 Antivirus and ESET Internet Security. They deliver complete and all-round protection for your computer. For $40 per year, users get scan downloads, anti-spam features, and reliable malware protection. Aside from that, the software doesn’t slow down the device and secures high speeds of the device’s performance. Independent testing has proved that ESET scanning doesn’t impact the computer speed in any major way. As a separate program, Nod 32 is compatible with only Windows. However, if you are interested in software from this company for other operating systems, check out the official website. There, one can explore the whole variety of security-related products for various devices and systems.

Customers support

The lack of 24/7 support seems like a big drawback because many antivirus companies offer round-the-clock assistance. ESET delivers help only during standard business hours. Yet, the managers can efficiently help resolve all issues.

The verdict

All in all, ESET Nod 32 secures basic protection without taking too much space on the device. Solid protection, convenient interface, and a selection of plans make it suitable for users with different preferences or budget. Choosing any antivirus, users should account for their needs and verify the chosen option satisfies them all.